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Our objective : contribute to your success in France.

Our company is specialised in supporting foreign companies of all it innovative industries (software, electronics, services) willing to develop their activity in France. We provide advices to managers to efficiently face all the challenges they will meet in their roles.

Our consultants will support them in :

- Understanding the culture’s differences of your foreign prospects

- Defining a winning development strategy

- Adapting to the commercial practices and rules, cultural as well as the administrative HR management complex rules and regulations

- Knowing the local infrastructure to facilitate the economic development

- Building partnership with key local actors

- Knowing where to best establish your offices, retails and warehouses.

- Creating growth through external acquisitions

- Developing your sales on that geographical territory

Our difference is that not only we are choosing our missions based on understanding how your solution could fit to our markets, but also as we truly believe in our capability to build strong relationships and results. Motivated by the fact that we want to save you time and effort which will result in tangible results. Our objectives are common as part of our earning is indexed on your results. We are all former innovative SMB experienced managers consequently we can support you as well as your territory and subsidiaries leaders.


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